So if you’re anything like me, I love re-arranging rooms, decorating and changing interiors. Even when I was little I was forever re-arranging my room!
I’ve decided it’s about time to decorate my studio/office. In fact, I did want to do it after Christmas but with orders coming in thick and fast there just wasn’t time. But as spring is now here it feels like the right time. 
I’ve been collecting magazine cut outs and pinning endless amounts of images on Pinterest for inspiration and my head is now spinning with ideas! Pinterest is such a great source of inspiration, I could sit for hours just browsing through images is addictive!
Here are some of my most favourite pins…..not sure if they are all entirely practical in my studio / office. But if I can come up with a combination of them all then I'll be very happy!
It was the wallpaper that definitely caught my eye here in this first pin. I've been looking at chevron fabric recently for my dolly bow headbands so when I saw this wallpaper I was wowed! I love the idea of wallpaper. There are so many wonderful wallpapers around these days that it's actually hard to chose one. I know for sure that I am going to have this problem, I will want them all on my wall!
I also like the dark wood floor. I am torn between this and a white floor.


creative office makeover

This second pin was chosen just because of the sheer organisation of it. I do consider myself a pretty organised person and I like everything to look neat like all the labels facing to the front in the tin cupboard!

creative office makeover storage

I liked this third pin because is shows that things are being created in the office, which is the reason we are there in the first place. It can't be completely clinical. I've never had one of these big mood boards before but I am seriously considering getting one when the room is finished.

creative office makeover

And the last pin, picked for two reasons. Reason 1, Pink (say no more), and 2, the height of the desk. In my previous career I've always worked on higher draughtsman style desks and the good thing about this desk is the height can be adjusted so you can work sitting down or standing up. The whole overall look is really crisp and clean looking and with the pink, just gives it that girly edge.

creative office for bridal design

So these are just snippets of some of the inspiration I found on Pinterest, but if you would like to see the rest of the Pinterest board then click here.

In part 2 will be the finished article. I am planning on throwing in a bit of a vintage twist to my modern style work room too so do keep a look out.


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